Etching is a technique and form of printing. Using copper or zinc plates, chemicals and etching tools, I have drawn images as inspired by people and the environment. The interpretation of what I see and feel is represented in both realistic and abstract form.

The development of an etching, from the first design concept to what the artist calls a finished plate, takes many repetitive steps of acid resist coating, etching, acid bath, ink removal, inking and print proofing. Multiple artist proofs are pulled until the desired artistic result is achieved. Then the edition is numbered.

The deep intaglio with a long acid bath develops a dimensional level to the plate creating the evident depth of field and shadows. The plate has been inked with Superior printing ink and pulled on prepared cold-pressed ARCHES paper using a Charles Brand steel etching press.

Each plate that I etch has been hand inked and hand pulled to create the original print. Due to the hand inking, plate wiping and printing process there may be variations in the color and/or intensity of the image. Each original print pulled is numbered and signed in pencil. Edition number is on the lower left hand corner; title in the center; my name on the lower right hand corner.

Prices available upon request.